Subject is a '67 Barracuda hood and the rust I can't see.
Is there a way to seperate the hood skin from its understructure then put it back together ?
I have 2 hoods to work with. One has a perfect outer skin. It has 2 stripped holes at hindge bolts and rust flakes like cracker crumbs traped inside it. The other hood has a very nice underside and a damaged skin.

Benny Allen, Easley, SC


It can be done but you are talking about a lot of time involved. If you have the time and plan on doing it yourself then maybe it is worth it. You will need to get a special drill bit for removing spot welds (it allows you to drill out the weld without damaging the part on the other side) and use it on the part you don't plan on keeping. You will need a working surface large enough that you can align the 2 good parts, secure them together, and then spot weld them back in place.


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