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The rainbow of original factory colors is available for your interior. These new dash mounted ‘70-‘74 E-body speaker grilles are accurate recreations of the original units and, provided your dash pad is not warped or cracked, will fit as the originals using your factory hardware. Just Dashes recreates only concours quality replacement parts.

Any 1970 to ’74 Challenger or Barracuda owner knows the on-going problems with the E-body factory dash pad-mounted speaker grille. Years of exposure to UV rays and extreme interior heat has warped almost every original beyond repair. Finding a suitable replacement has been all but impossible -- until now.

Just Dashes, the E-body dash pad restoration specialists, have tooled up to produce these rare grilles and they will be available in all the original factory colors. These upgraded and improved reproduction grilles can be purchased as an add-on option when you send in your dash for restoration, or individually if you only need the replacement grille.


Notice the difference in mounting leg height between the 1970 (top) grille and the ’71 and later version. The two legs closest to the windshield were shortened at the factory, so some minor trimming is required. Just follow the simple instructions.

We measured the leg height difference between the two versions and it is right at 1/4-inch.  Plus or minus a little will not affect the fit of the grille in the dash, but keep it as close as possible.

The original factory grilles were made with the finest quality space age polymer technology the Seventies could muster, but today’s high-impact ABS plastic is much more resistant to UV and heat damage, adding many years to the grille’s life span. Just Dashes reverse engineered an N.O.S. grille to provide a dead-on accurate recreation of the original dimensions, thus creating a concours-quality part. The original grille in 1970 had two long and two short length mounting legs on the underside. In 1971 all four legs were the same length, and since the Just Dashes grille is a recreation of a pristine 1971 unit, it will be necessary to trim away the excess plastic on two legs for the ’70 model E-bodies. A simple measurement and a small fine-tooth saw for trimming the legs will have your ’70 grille in place in minutes. You can use your original hardware to install. If you’re an E-body owner this is the long-awaited solution to finally finishing off your interior. 

We wrapped masking tape around the two legs to be trimmed, with the tape edge right at the point where the cut should be made. This gives you a 360-degree look at the trim area for a straight cut.

Use a small fine-tooth hand saw and make a straight cut through the mounting leg. It literally takes seconds to cut the plastic correctly. Once cut, the grille is ready for installation, finally finishing off your interior restoration.

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