Secure Your Bed. Truck Bed That Is

Our RAM truck works hard for a living. That’s why we named it Project Hardworking Hauler. It spends the majority of its time towing our 40’ long 17,000+ pound race trailer to tracks and shops. Our trailer is a gooseneck type, so when we’re towing the truck’s bed is limited to holding a spare tire. But once we get to the track we unhitch and use the truck as local transportation to our motel, restaurants, parts store, etc.

When we’re not towing, we may have luggage, expensive parts and other valuables in the bed that we’d rather keep secure. Race tracks and airports tend to be located in less than the most desirable parts of town, that’s just the way it is. When we have all of our luggage in the bed and we need to pick up some groceries, we’d really like for the luggage to still be in the bed when we get back from shopping.

Enter Truck Covers USA headquartered in San Diego, California. We researched all of the various truck tonneau cover options at the SEMA show last year—and there are a lot of them—and we really liked what Truck Covers USA offered. For us, it starts with the fact that Truck Covers USA are “Made in the USA,” so their name is honest and their products are home grown.

But it is the engineering and design that really hooked us. We choose their “American Roll Cover,” which is available for virtually every pickup truck on the market, including of course RAM trucks. This rollup cover is made from double walled aluminum slats and is texture powder coated for long lasting durability. When rolled up, the tonneau cover disappears into what Truck Covers USA claims is the smallest storage canister in the truck cover market today at only 8” x 8”. Even with our eight foot long bed, when rolled up there is the most available bed space you can have with a rollup tonneau cover.