Massaging Hemi Heads

Arrington Performance & COMP Cams Move to the Hemi Head of the Class

Chris Holley

The Penn College 2006 Dodge Charger had the baseline runs established prior to the installation of the modified CNC ported factory heads and a COMP Cams camshaft and matching valve springs, steel retainers, and push rods. The baseline tests were performed with shorty headers, high-flow cats, and cat-back exhaust. The testing on the Penn College Mustang Chassis dyno resulted in a torque peak of 310 lb/ft at 4400 rpm and 283 horsepower at 5200 rpm.

In the never ending quest for more performance from the Pennsylvania College of Technology’s (PCT) 2006 5.7L Hemi Charger, a call was placed to Arrington Performance inquiring about their interest in massaging the stock Hemi heads. Arrington Performance is well known for their performance magic with the Gen III hemispherical engine platform, and their extensive knowledge was what we felt would benefit our desire for even more performance. The plan for the Hemi would be a two-part endeavor. With the increased ability of the cylinder heads to move air, a well matched camshaft was desired to provide the ultimate performance outcome of the Hemi.

COMP Cams was contacted for a camshaft recommendation due to their never wavering mission to produce the highest-performing products possible, provide customers with superior service, and their industry leadership in technological development. Although COMP Cams has grown into multiple companies with hundreds of employees, the company still maintains the competitive spirit and desire to be the very best. Based upon COMP Cams 35 years of experience with valve train components, we felt confident that their camshaft recommendation would take advantage of the ported heads.