Now our mounted wheels and tires are road forced balanced on the Hunter GSP9700. This unique balancer has a large roller that presses against the tire and wheel assembly simulating the road surface and forces. Measurements are calculated so that the high (tire) spot and low (wheel) spots are mated together to provide the most concentric and true wheel-tire assembly.

Our new wheels and tires are installed back on the truck and torqued to factory specs. Then CalChrome takes the vehicle for a test drive before returning the keys to us.


All done. We LOVE the way our truck looks. We could have gone in a traditional chrome or black direction, but we like how the New Evo Grey color is light enough to easily tell where the wheel stops and the tire starts, yet dark enough to have a sort of wicked look. Our Laramie trim truck has a LOT of chrome on it. We could have chosen to have the plastic hubcaps painted to as closely as possible color-match the new wheel color. But since A) it’s not always possible to get an exact color match by even the best paint shops, and B) we have so much chrome on the truck anyway, we chose to leave the hubcaps Chrome. We’re glad we did, it’s a great look and we get a lot of compliments.

Total processing time for what we had done is only 3-4 business days. You can see for yourself how much care, labor and time goes into ensuring that the wheels are finished to the highest quality standards. The folks at CalChrome have refined what they do to an efficient science. If you want to have them Fusion Coat your rims, at the time this article was written the price starts at only $150/wheel. Add the high gloss clear coat like we did and it will add $25/wheel. If you want your new tires mounted with CalChrome quality like we did it costs $25/wheel. This may be the best bargain we’ve found this year.

We’ve had time to live with these wheels and tires for a few months now and we’re as happy with them now as we were on Day One. The CalChrome Fusion Coating is holding up great in the real world, through gravel roads and truck washes, they still look brand new. The Toyo tires ride smoothly and should provide long mileage, and their aggressive tread design compliments our new rims. Thank you to everyone at CalChrome.




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