This is the 2010 300C as it arrived to the shop. It had been involved in a theft with the engine, transmission, and most of the interior gone. This car was specifically purchased as it was the perfect canvas for the build in mind.

In the past, several shops and builders have attempted this swap with most of the vehicles never seeing completion. The only 4-door LX manual swapped cars that were completed were either full blown race cars or used an engine other than the 6.1L HEMI found in the stock trim SRT Chrysler 300. As Power and Performance set forth with the build, their intention was to produce the world’s first 6.1L manual transmission equipped 300C that retained all factory amenities and to keep them fully functional, which is exactly what they did.

The guys at Power and Performance completed the swap in-house at their shop In Columbia Station, Ohio. All fabrication work, programming, and body work was done at their shop by their technicians. The crew at Power and Performance are no strangers to late model MOPAR rebuilds. The totaled vehicles that they purchase from insurance companies all across the nation are either the source of their turnkey pallets or they are rebuilt inspected and sold to be driven again.

With years of experience regarding Mopar vehicles, and dozens of rebuilds under their belts, the guys at Power and Performance felt that they were fully capable of doing this swap. According to Mulcahy, most of the turnkey HEMI setups that Power and Performance sells are going into classic Mopars, with the occasional package getting set in a V6 or R/T edition LX platform car. The ease of installation between, let’s say, a 1970 Charger and the 2010 Chrysler 300, are not in the same ballpark—they are not even the same sport.

A classic A or B body Mopar is pretty simple when it comes to computers, wiring, etc. The LX platform vehicles on the other hand are quite complicated, as we discussed in the last article featuring Power and Performance’s turnkey packages. When swapping a GEN3 HEMI into dad’s old Duster there are no computers trying to fight each other, the simplicity of that ole Mopar is beautiful. She is ready to accept a new heart and soul without much of a fight. The LX car on the other hand, well she’s high maintenance and complicated. Putting a Challenger engine with a manual Trans into a 300C is like throwing a Cobra and Mongoose in the ring. The computers are going to fight and battle each other; they are confused and think they are in a strange place. That’s when the tech has to step in to break up the fight and essentially trick them into getting along.