2010 Chrysler 300C SRT8 Manual Conversion

One of One

Our dream car

We don’t know about you, but we’ve spent a lot of daydreaming time on building our “Perfect” car in our minds. That car has changed over the years, once upon a time the car was a ’69 muscle car with dual carbs, modified Keystone wheels and the largest Mickey Thompson tires you could buy on the rear. It would have a custom ladder bar suspension, 90/10 front shocks, etc., etc. Well, we’ve built more than a few hardcore street cars and as we’ve gotten, let’s not say “older” let’s say “more mature,” our dreams for the perfect daily driver involve a lot more luxury while retaining sports car fun.

And it’s not a dream car if you can just go out and buy it, that’s not the point. It has to be something you have to make because the factory never did. We recently spent a week renewing our love affair with the Chrysler 300 (see Richard Kratz’s column, “Aloha, Pearl Harbor and a Chrysler 300,” in the October 2016 issue). This car has the luxury we crave and everything that makes late model Mopars good. If only you could order it with a 6-speed manual transmission. Kratz once owned a Cadillac CTS-V, which was a great 4-door sports sedan with a marvelous manual transmission. If only you get have a 300C with such a transmission.

Cleveland Power and Performance, who we recently featured in our June 2016 issue in the article “Avoiding Late Model HEMI Swap Hell,” offers complete late model HEMI turnkey setups that allow hot-rodder’s and custom builders to purchase everything they need to do a swap in an all-in-one package. Power and Performance recently used one of their turnkey packages to complete a swap what many said was highly improbable, or flat out impossible…a manual transmission equipped 300C SRT-8.

After speaking with sales manager Tim Mulcahy, we learned that the crew at Power and Performance had been looking to swap a 4-door LX car with a manual transmission for some time. The main reason for the build was to showcase their product and abilities, and most importantly to prove the naysayers wrong. Power and Performance wanted to show the MOPAR world that with the right products, tools, and knowledge the swap can be successfully done.