Hemi Put Out to Pasture Part VI

Putting the Heat Back on the Street

For those who have been following this Police Package Dodge Charger series since its inception, this installment will conclude the rebuilding series. If you are new to the series, here is a little history and links to previous installments about the Charger. It all started in November 2014 when I purchased a retired Police Package equipped 2006 Dodge Charger packing a 5.7L HEMI that was in need of some serious attention to get it back to a roadworthy condition (December 2014, Hemi Put Out to Pasture). With the drivability concerns repaired, the attention for the next several months moved to the bodywork and paint (February 2015, Hemi Put Out to Pasture Part II and April 2015, Hemi Put Out to Pasture Part III). With a fresh coat of Brilliant Black paint on the flanks of the Charger, the interior moved to the forefront. Every component of the interior was cleaned, repaired, or replaced so the finished results looked as spectacular as the black exterior of the Charger (May 2015, Hemi Put Out to Pasture Part IV). The completion of the interior, new tires, and some drivetrain repair was the most recent installment of the series (July 2015, Hemi Put Out to Pasture Part V). This month focuses on the final touches to complete the Charger including a new steering wheel, repair to the backlighting of the instrument cluster and the HVAC control head, adding some quarter panel stripes, chassis dynamometer numbers, and a few runs down the quarter mile.