Go the Distance - Titan Extended Range Fuel Tanks

Today's heavy duty diesel trucks are truly modern marvels. Our Project Hardworking Hauler, a 2014 RAM 3500 High Output Cummins, makes 385 horsepower and 850 lb. ft. of torque right from the factory. It hauls our 17,000+ pound race trailer up the steepest grades with ease. It's as comfortable and luxurious as a Chrysler 300C, has ultra-low emissions and delivers decent fuel mileage for a 9,000 pound truck.

Decent fuel mileage is a relevant concept of course. We have a shop car we use for longer distance driving here in Southern California, a 2007 Toyota Prius. We don't like the Prius much, it has weird, touchy brakes - hard to modulate well as it transitions from regenerative braking to mechanical braking and back. It has very hard, high inflation tires for low rolling resistance and ultra-soft suspension to compensate for the hard tires, so it handles pretty poorly. It accelerates... eventually. The Prius is a one-trick pony, but that trick is pretty neat - it gets 44-47 MPG month after month. If you have a five hour round trip to make in Los Angeles traffic, at least you can do it with a very low cost per mile.

"Decent" fuel mileage for our truck is a real world 15-16 MPG on its own, 10 MPG hauling our 40' long race trailer. These are real numbers after almost 30,000 miles usage. Combined with the factory 32 gallon fuel tank, when we are hauling the race car across states, we planned fuel stops every 250 miles in order to have a little reserve. With a 60 foot long rig you have to plan your fuel stops, you can't fit into just any corner gas station. Yes friends, we were afflicted with range anxiety, a debilitating condition which left us habitually checking our Gas Buddy app on our phone - sometimes in our sleep.

In the back you can see the factory 32 gallon fuel tank after removal. In the front is the new Titan 55 gallon mid-ship replacement tank. It's obviously longer and it's also a little taller. It all adds up to 23 extra gallons of fuel onboard with a simple bolt-in replacement tank.

So when we saw that Titan Fuel Tanks had added what they call a "Mid-Ship" fuel tank for 2013-2015 RAM Cummins Crew Cab Long Bed trucks to their line, we had to get one. A mid-ship tank is more commonly known as an extended range replacement fuel tank, it installs in place of the stock fuel tank. In the case of the Titan mid-ship tank for our truck, fuel capacity goes from the factory 32 gallons to 55 gallons. That's about 230 more miles when towing. With the same seven gallon reserve we like to keep, we could go 480 miles while towing. Without the trailer, 720 miles or so without hitting a fuel station.