Of Wheels, Tires and Reaction Times

You may be familiar with MoparMax’s project Maulin’ Magnum. We started this project car back in 2011 as a factory stock car with only a cat-back exhaust and cold air intake. Over the years it has evolved from a 13.5 second car to its current 10.2 second racing form. For many years we drove the car to races in California and Nevada where Senior Editor, Alex Rogeo, raced it in NHRA Summit Series, West Coast Hot Rod Association, and Pacific (now Premier) Street Car Association races.

Back then the Magnum was pushing hard to get sub-two second 60 foot times. Alex had to get into the lights deep to have a chance at a good reaction time. Editor-Publisher, Richard Kratz told Alex that eventually they’d get the car to the point where she could drive it like a race car, stage shallow and attack the tree. Well, we got there but it was quite a journey.

To sum up the project in one paragraph, the car has an Arrington Performance 6.4L engine with a Magnuson supercharger and puts out 800 horsepower in its highest tune. Power flows threw a B&M SFI flexplate to a 3,800 RPM stall FTI Performance converter and into the highly modified Westminster Performance Transmission factory NAG1/722 transmission. The Driveshaft Shop’s 3.8” carbon fiber one piece driveshaft handles the twisting forces back to a Driveshaft Shop 9” IRS conversion rear end with a 3.50 Strange Engineering gear set. The Driveshaft Shop takes over again with their excellent 1,400 hp rated axles which are held in place with all custom chromoly/Heim joint rear suspension that was fabricated by Mountain View Performance. A small rear drag brake kit from TCE (with more fabrication work from Mountain View) allowed us to install 15” Weld S-71 forged aluminum wheels on the rear which finally let us use tall sidewall Mickey Thompson slicks. All of these mods have been covered in this magazine, if you want more information search is your friend.

The one issue we had remaining as far as suspension, wheels and tires were our 17” front Weld Racing S-71 wheels. The Magnum started life as a 2007 SRT8 model, which meant it came with the big Brembo brakes. We loved these brakes dearly when the car was on the street, but once the commitment was made to go to the next level and make the magnum a full-time race car, they were a handicap. Strange Engineering to the rescue, we installed their Dodge Challenger Drag Pak front brakes and could finally fit 15” rims up front. Again, we covered this mod in this magazine.

OK, so now the Magnum is ready for some serious drag wheels and tires up front. We knew we wanted forged wheels, if you want to know about wheel technology, you might want to read “Aluminum Wheel Tech” from our July 2013 issue. We were already happy with our Weld S-71 wheels, so when we found out that their famous Draglite wheels were going to be available in a new Black Draglite version, we had to check these out.