Simply Shocking - Part 3

This wiring had been so butchered up that each light unit, not the headlights thank goodness, had different connectors to connect it to the main lighting harness. It was necessary for us to create new ways to connect each with new connectors to protect everything. These two photos make it clear just how bad this wiring was.

In this photo you can see the correct way to insulate wires when there is no shrink tubing available. We’ve already insulated the top wire from the other and then started the tape on the first part of the rubber protector coming out of the light fixture. From there we go round and round until both wire connectors are covered all the way up to the top of the black connector going into the system.

This nightmare is another fabricated connector by the crooks that fixed it last time. All we could do was to replace one side with the opposite connector that can plug into it.