AVS Ventvisors installed on MoparMax's Project Hardworking Hauler truck.

AVS Ventvisors Review and Install

Good Air In, Bad Air Out

Living in the Great Southwest Desert of the US, our cars are broiling hot eight months of the year, pretty cold one month, and then perfect in the three months of nice weather we get in the spring and fall. When it’s hot, you’d like to park your car with the windows cracked open to reduce the greenhouse heating effect that can turn your interior into an oven. But you hate to broadcast to the world, “Hey, my windows are open,” just for security reasons. And you also want to keep dust and dirt out.

That’s why we were interested in AVS’s Ventvisors for our Project Hardworking Hauler RAM truck. The brand name, AVS, has its roots in, Auto Vent Shade, with the company going back to 1935 and producing innovative auto shade products. AVS has three types of window vent visors — also known as window deflectors, window shades or rain guards: low profile, standard, and in-channel. We chose the in-channel for our truck.

We’re told that in places where it rains, a big feature of the Ventvisor is that you can drive with your windows partially rolled down and fresh air comes in but rain doesn’t. We’ll have to take AVS’s word on that,as it never rains in Southern California or the Mojave Desert any more. But given how we can drive around with the windows rolled part way down and not have any wind mussing with our long, flowing hair (at least in Alex’s case) we believe the claim about driving in the rain.

We do enjoy having the windows cracked open driving around on the beautiful fall days in SoCal (we call December “fall” in this part of the country—the leaves are finally turning and the days and nights are temperate) and letting the fresh air circulate through the cab. We really enjoy parking the car in the hot sun with the windows stealthily cracked open, hidden by the Ventvisors, and coming back to a vehicle with dramatically reduced interior temperatures than the windows shut alternative.

The Ventvisors are extremely simple to install—if you can hang an air freshener from your rearview mirror you can install the low profile Ventvisors. They look very good on our truck, matching our tinted windows especially nicely, and the quality acrylic plastic looks like it will hold up over the long haul.

No tools are required for installation and nothing is permanently mounted or glued or taped to your truck’s paint. Even stopping to take photos for this story the whole thing took us 30 minutes. We could have done it in 15. The truck looks good, we like the venting feature when parked and the air flow feature when driving. Overall, a very satisfying upgrade.