Words by Richard Kratz photos and image by LAT Racing and Blackstone Labs

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Oil But Were Afraid to Ask

Whether you’re a car enthusiast or a racer, certain aspects of modified cars get all the attention. Let’s face it, a big ole blower or injector system sticking up through the hood is downright sexy. We’d bet that how your wheels look was just as important to your buying decision as how well they function. When you build that new engine, you put a lot of attention into the selection of the crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons and valve train. Ditto for your transmission parts and rear end, lots of thought and buying decisions made based on quality, power and durability.

But do you ever think about the fluids you put into your car? We mean really think about them. Why are you running the engine oil, ATF and differential fluid that you’re running? Only a rarified few have the means and facilities to dyno test lots of different fluids, not just for horsepower output but also torture testing and then tearing down engines to measure wear. The top pro teams in all motorsports do this, but the likes of you and us can’t. So the pro teams are running fluids in their cars based on extensive testing. Us regular folks? We have to rely on advice from others, reputation of the brands we choose, and assume that if our engine or transmission hasn’t broken yet the stuff is probably good. Although, we can think of more than a few racers we know that have suffered engine, transmission or rear end failures and chalked it up to anything other than the fluid they were running.

The MoparMax race team is running a new 6.4L Magnuson supercharged Arrington Performance engine this year. Working with Arrington we carefully researched and chose the best parts we could for our engine. We see lots of people at the races and on the street that have also built expensive HEMI engines for their car and they certainly enjoy the power and performance that they achieved. But we have to ask, what are you doing to insure and protect your investment?