Words by Richard Kratz and Erik Falconer photos by JAL Visual Media
Every Mopar fan dreams of one day stumbling across a rare and valuable Mopar with low miles, high options and in remarkable condition after sitting in a little old lady’s barn for 30 years. We’ve all heard the stories and seen some of the rare finds cross the auction block at Barrett Jackson on our TVs. But did you ever dream of a Mopar engine barn find?

Jerry Johnston was in San Antonio, Texas, checking out a shop that a friend of his had told him he had to see. Jerry was there to see how good the shop’s body and paint work was, scouting them out as it were. They had two buildings, one more of a workshop and one for customers. In the workshop, Jerry noticed an odd engine off in a corner gathering dust. He looked a little closer and had no idea what it was, so he asked the shop’s proprietor, “What’s this?” A small block Mopar he was told.