Story and Photos by Steve Magnante

Last month we showed how to use string to help lay out a custom checkerboard paint pattern on the roof of this altered wheelbase ’63 Dart. This month let’s fetch that ball of string out from under the kitchen sink again and use it to guide the placement of a pair of 7.5-inch holes in the hood so the Max Wedge can breathe.

Using Schumacher ’63-’66 A-Body – to – B/RB Big Block Wedge conversion motor mounts, the Max Wedge bolts directly to the Slant Six K-Frame with only minor trimming to clear the oil pump and filter. We want to borrow a page from the ’63-’64 Max Wedge B-Body program and use aluminum velocity stacks to channel cold air from the hood scoop to the dual Edelbrock 500’s. But how do we know where to cut the holes in the hood? It all starts by pulling strings across the tops of the carburetors with the ends firmly taped to the car. Mark the metal at the side of each string where it is taped to the car to serve as reference points so they can be removed and reattached in the same position.