Checkmate - String Pattern How-To

This story first appeared in our Nov, 2007 issue - Ed.)

Whenever I’m about to attempt a task I think is beyond my ability, I ask myself “how would a really smart guy do it?” The answer usually arrives after a few minutes of careful consideration and tricks me into thinking I can do it so I dive in. Such is the case with the application of the checkerboard paint pattern shown in this story. A job like this is either spot-on or way off. There is no in-between. But by focusing a little concentration on the objective, using common sense and working slowly and methodically, professional looking results are possible. Follow along and see if you can get some ideas of your own for custom paint treatments on your car… or just copy ours.

Regular MoparMax readers will remember this altered wheelbase ’63 Dart from previous issues. Sniff around the MoparMax archives for stories covering the rear wheelbase alteration process (December 2006), front straight axle installation (January 2007), rear leaf spring relocation (April 2007), mini-tub how-to (May 2007) and roll bar installation (June, 2007). With all of that behind us, the plan now is to get it running reliably before rolling it into the body shop. In fact, the rough and raw body and paint work might stick around for a while! Still, it looks a little bland all dressed in white, no? That’s nothing a cool checkerboard roof pattern – based on the effect used on Jack Sharkey’s Esserman Dodge sponsored Rampage match racer - won’t fix.