Hurst Comp Stick with Pistol Grip

For LX Mopars

Words and photos by Richard Kratz

You may not be able to buy a Chrysler 300/Dodge Charger/Magnum with a manual transmission, but you can have a cool Hurst shifter.

Our project Maulin’ Magnum street/strip car has a front wheel line lock to make burnouts easier. We had a button for it mounted in an awkward spot. We are also upgrading to an ignition 2-step launch control shortly and need a convenient place for the button. So we turned to the masters of shifters, Hurst, for one of their Comp Stick Kits (part number 5380410). The kit includes a classic Hurst “cue ball” style shift knob, but we added their Pistol Grip Shifter Handle with 12 volt button (part number 1536210) to bring the 2-step button up higher where it’s easy to reach. Hurst also makes T-handle and round ball knobs with 12 volt buttons. You can also buy a selection of pistol, T-, and ball handles without the 12 volt switch.

Installation of the kit itself is very easy. Follow the simple instructions and in about 10 minutes you’re driving down the street with the best shifter handle in the ‘hood. If you need to use the 12 volt switch, it’s easy to hook up, you just into the hot wire for the device you want controlled (line lock, 2-step, transbrake, etc.) and run that circuit through the Hurst switch.

In addition to looking great the Hurst Comp Stick Kit and Pistol Grip Shifter Handle work great. The handle falls readily to hand with the wonderful tactile feel that only high grade aluminum can provide. The control button on top is perfectly placed and has a solid feel and provides good feedback on whether it’s activated or not. Using the LX Autostick mode is easier than ever as the tall handle makes it easy to flick the handle left and right.

Our race driver, Contributing Editor Alex Rogeo, is only 22 years old. She didn’t understand why 52 year old Editor Richard Kratz digs the “Hurst Equipped” badge that is now on the rear of the car. It’s a generational thing, Kratz is old enough to remember seeing brand new Roadrunners in his neighborhood with iconic Hurst pistol grip shifters and has fond associations with the Hurst badge. However, Rogeo does dig the way the shifter works on the street and at the strip, so both driver and crew chief are happy.