Race Ready Electric Exhaust Cut-Outs and Magnaflow Mufflers

Three inch American made Race Ready Performance exhaust cut-outs.

Is there anything that sounds sweeter than a big roaring American V8 at full throttle through open pipes? Maybe, but we can’t think of it at the moment. Face it if you love cars, you love power. Power is multi-sensory; you feel it, you hear it, you smell it, and sometimes you can taste it.

If you’re like us, and we’re pretty sure you are or you wouldn’t be reading this, your ideal car will roar when you want it to, but purr down the highway when you’re in a mellow mood. Maybe you want the roar at the local cruise-in, maybe you want it at the track, but no matter what, there are probably times you wish your car had more bark to it. But if you’ve ever owned a really loud street car, you know that there are times when even that wonderful sound of power can get tiresome, and you end up wishing it was quieter now and then. What if you could eat your cake and have it too?

Elsewhere in this issue we start our new series, How to Bracket Race Successfully. In a way, this tech article is a part of that. Our Team MoparMax race driver, Contributing Editor Alex Rogeo, needed some help on the starting line at the track in the Maulin’ Magnum. Even with a cat-back exhaust upgrade, there were a lot of times when she couldn’t hear her own engine over the noise of the unmuffled race car next to her. This made it hard for her to find her target launch RPM at times as she couldn’t take her eyes off the tree to glance at the tach without risking a blown launch and she really needed the auditory cues from the exhaust.

Now you have to understand, the Magnum was in no way quiet, it was even rather loud inside the car on the street. We can’t drive around all of the time uncorked, that’s a sure way to get undesired attention from law enforcement. What we needed was a car that was loud at the track and reasonable on the street.

Enter Race Ready Performance out of Azle, Texas. Our friend Troy Coughlin over at JEGS mentioned to us that they carried a really well made line of electric exhaust cut-outs by Race Ready. So we got on the phone and had a chat with them and checked out their website.  Hey Troy, we owe you a hearty, “Thanks!” To cut to the chase, not only are the Race Ready electric cut-outs well designed, they’re manufactured to an exemplary quality standard. But the real kicker for us was their wireless remote operation. You heard right, not just electric cut-outs, not just well made electric cut-outs, but electric exhaust cut-outs with an available optional remote control unit. Oh yeah, these are going on the car.