Words and photos by Richard Kratz

If you haven’t paid attention to window tint in the last few years you’ve missed a lot. Think computers, robotic cutting machines, ultraviolet and infrared protection. Think cool, literally.

The Maulin’ Magnum spends a lot of time sitting in the staging lanes in the baking sun at races in places like Las Vegas, Nevada and north of Bakersfield in McFarland, California. Las Vegas in the summer is hot, and inside a car in Las Vegas in summer can be like an oven. Seeing us sweating, pale and faint from the heat last summer, our friends Jeff and Traci Paulin of Terrific Tint asked us why we didn’t tint our windows. We replied that the Magnum came with factory “Privacy” glass aft of the front side windows, and besides, tint wouldn’t do anything about the heat. Actually, Jeff told us, modern tint can dramatically reduce the temperature inside the car. Intrigued, we headed down to their shop in Mission Viejo, California to see for ourselves.

We’ve all seen the horror of cars with purple, peeling window tint and felt pity for that poor car. Well, forget about that, because modern high quality tint films will last the life of your car and never change color or peel. In fact the tint will probably outlast the car. Laws on window tint vary nationwide, so make sure you know your local laws. A reputable window tint shop will explain them to you. Here in California, contrary to what many people think, you can tint front row side windows, but within limits. We were also surprised to find that there is even legal tint for the windshield and that there’s a very good reason to want it.

Terrific Tint is a LLumar window film dealer. Before we got started Jeff busted a lot of myths about window tint. Jeff assured us that LLumar film will not affect radio reception, interfere with Bluetooth signals, or your remote entry on your key fob. Very importantly, it also won’t interfere with GPS navigation systems. All LLumar films have 99% UV rejection, which is critical to protecting your interior from the ravages of the sun, to say nothing of protecting your eyeballs. In contrast, we found out that while the factory tint on our car was indeed dark, it didn’t really block UV rays. And all LLumar films are covered by a lifetime warranty as long as you own your car.