Words and photos by Richard Kratz and Alex Rogeo

The NHRA mandates that hardtop cars have a five- or six-point rollbar if they run 11.49 seconds or quicker in the quarter mile. Convertibles need one at 13.49. For road racers, the SCCA requires a bar in all drop tops for autocross events and all cars in just about every type of track racing and class.

Since the MoparMax Maulin’ Magnum is nearing the mid-11’s in ideal conditions—she ran 11.6’s in December at Fontana CA—it was time to put a bar in her. Note that we said nearing, not exceeding, the important 11.50 milestone. Theoretical question for you: if you’re running 11.51 in the quarter mile and a car veers into you and puts you into a rollover, are you at less risk then if you’re running 11.49 seconds? Of course not, there’s nothing magical about the 11.50/11.49 numbers. They’re just a semi-arbitrary metric by which the NHRA can say, “Here’s the line, install a rollbar or slow down.” All ET and speed related rules are minimum guidelines, there’s no good reason not to exceed the safety requirements, and especially if you’re near enough that you’re splitting hairs.

Traditionally, you have two choices for a rollbar, a completely custom bent piece welded into your car or a kit with pre-bent bars ready to weld in place. There are bolt-in kits for some makes and models, especially the real popular (and boring) ones from the blue oval and bowtie companies. But what if you can’t weld, or don’t want someone welding inside your car? What if you want a finish on your bar that’s something other than black spray paint applied after installation? In that case, your options narrow quickly, but the good news is that for late model Mopar fans, one of those options may be the best bolt-in rollbar ever brought to market.

RPM Rollbars in Portland, Oregon is a company that reflects the almost perfect marriage of skills and talents of its two owners, Rob Mathis and Tim Hynen. Rob has been a chassis builder since 1991, building all kinds of race car chassis including Top Alcohol. He knows the NHRA, SCCA, and SFI rules and specifications the way you know your garage and car. Tim has been involved with robotic fabrication, welding and CNC machining for over 20 years. Together, Rob and Tim design and manufacture 100% legal, robust and safe bolt-in rollbars.