We start the build of an 800+ horsepower big block

The Plan

The time has come to get serious.  Serious, that is, about building a good solid Mopar big block able to hammer out more than 800 horsepower pull after pull.  We’ve built a few engines over the years and nothing is more satisfying than bolting together one that lasts like an anvil.  The Mopar aftermarket is overflowing with parts these days and we owe it to our readers to have a deadly serious engine sitting out back on the dyno that we can use to stress test various goodies.  So follow along as we kick this project off.

The Block

Mopar Performance really stepped up to the table a few years back by investing in the tooling necessary to produce a heavy duty race block.  These new blocks have an extra 100 pounds of cast iron in them when compared to a stock block, so you know they are stout.  Not only are the blocks stout, but they have a bunch of cool features built in to solve age old problems.  The new blocks have extra room for larger stroke combinations as well as some welcome changes to the oiling system.  We purchased a P5153944 block, which is a wedge block with cylinders rough bored to 4.31 inches.  Mopar blocks are also available with a 4.500 inch bore, but we wanted to use a 4.440 piston so that we would have plenty of material left for future rebuilds.