New components for really, really big or small Mopar motors

When visiting the 16th annual Indy Cylinder Head trade show and swap meet in Indianapolis we didn’t know what to expect other than a lot of vintage and hard to find parts for Mopars. We saw a lot of those parts but were pleasantly surprised to see some really trick new engine parts from a well known engine shop, Indy Cylinder Head, and some parts from manufacturers we weren’t all that familiar with.

The Indy Cylinder Head folks had a booth with virtually everything they make on display and Russ Flagle himself answering questions and waiting on customers.

The new part we saw there that intrigued us the most was the new diesel truck cylinder head. We had seen a raw casting of this before but they had a finished unit on display and by the time this is being written may be in production. The head is designed for use on six-cylinder Cummins engines used in late model Detroit pickups. The head’s a billet and features a 2.060 intake valve and a 1.60 exhaust. It flows 320 CFM. We’ll let you know when we get some hard engine data using one of these billet heads.

We also had a chance to visit with Wisconsin manufacturer Todd Goodwin. We knew him as an NHRA Mopar Super Stock racer and NMCA racer who had a killer Viper race car.

What we didn’t know was he has designed and is building his own Mopar-style blocks and heads for really, really big engines. How big, you ask? Well he has block with bore-spacing of 5.000/5.300 and even 5.400 -- which means he could build an engine that could reach 1,000 cubic inches.