Hemi Huffer from ZEX

Not many years ago, fuel systems were virtually standardized from one car manufacturer to another. That’s because most pre-2005 engine fuel systems possessed the same (or similar) fuel pressure, and most had similar air induction systems, meaning that anyone adding a nitrous system to an engine could rely on nitrous systems being more-or-less one-size-fits-all.

However, within the last three to five years, engine fuel system rules have changed. New technology, such as return-less style fuel pumps and throttle-by-wire controlled engines, has opened up fuel system design to the extent that engineers are designing more efficient fuel systems tailored to a new generation of engines.

That fact has led to the development of new nitrous oxide systems, as well, because early nitrous kits don’t provide optimum performance with these new fuel system designs. These changes did not escape the attention of the engineers at ZEX, who responded by developing nitrous kits tailored specifically to the new generation of Ford, Chevrolet and Chrysler EFI engines. Each new nitrous system is created to provide optimum performance and engine safety.

In the case of the 2005 and newer Chrysler Charger and Magnum Hemi engines, there wasn’t an existing nitrous system that would function well. This engine has a unique speed density style computer control and a return-less style fuel system, as well as higher fuel pressure of around 58 psi that requires a radically different nitrous system tune-up for safe and efficient power gains.

ZEX engineers went to work and developed a direct-fit EFI Charger/Magnum kit that safely delivers 75-125 horsepower. The kit provides an accurate tune-up, substantial power, and safe air/fuel ratios. However, developing this compatible nitrous system required solutions to several obstacles.

Overcoming Obstacles

One of the first challenges was the need for an efficient and practical fuel connection for the nitrous system. Unfortunately, the fuel lines of the new Hemi engine are manufactured from rigid plastics and are not receptive to modification. The solution was to develop a direct-fit fuel rail adapter that easily snaps in place and has a fuel tap built in.

Another issue was the engine’s throttle-by-wire design, which poses nitrous system activation issues. However, the ZEX system includes patented technology that uses the engine’s throttle position sensor to activate the nitrous system at wide open throttle. This provides perfect integration of the nitrous system with the engine’s electronics.

From a safety standpoint, the ZEX system uses advanced safety technology called Active Fuel Control. This exclusive technology monitors the nitrous bottle pressure and adjusts the kit’s fuel enrichment so the system is never too rich or too lean.

All of this means that the new ZEX Nitrous System for the EFI Hemi-powered Charger/Magnum is an advanced system that safely provides incredible power. Best of all, it’s a plug and play system that can be installed in two hours from start to finish.

Installation of the ZEX Nitrous System is a straightforward process; however, as always you must make sure you follow the kit’s instructions.