It is still going to take a lot of work, but in some form or another we are going to get Mopar Max Project Fighting Fish to the very popular Southern California Spring Fling XXIV held April 17-18 at Woodley Park in Van Nuys, Calif.  Chrysler Performance West puts on the event; they are an event oriented Southern California Mopar car club based in San Fernando Valley.  Long before owning a Mopar I made it a point to attend this yearly gathering of Chrysler iron.

Who knows what condition our ’65 Cuda will be in at the Spring Fling, but painted or not, here’s what we’ve been working on.

Holley Performance has introduced a new 4150 Carburetor, called the Ultra HP Series featuring mechanical secondaries, billet metering blocks and base plate.  The new carb has built-in, oversized Easy View Sight Windows for easy and safe float adjustment.

This 750 CFM out-of-the-box carb is a beauty and it sits on top of our new 410 cubic inch Mopar small block. In an earlier article we dyno tested the Carco-built engine at Westech Performance and found that the 750 CFM was the biggest carb the engine could handle.


To get ample fuel from the 22 gallon Fuel Safe fuel cell we frenched into the Barracuda’s former trunk space, Mancini Racing supplied us with 25 feet of half-inch aluminum fuel line. 

To get the fuel pumping Aeromotive Fuel Systems sent us one of their SS Fuel Pumps, a Street/Strip fuel pump engineered for 200-750 HP carbureted engines.

Aeromotive also supplied a high-flow, 100-micron stainless steel, cleanable-element fuel filter and one of their adjustable fuel regulators as well as all the braided fuel line and the fittings we’ll need in the plumbing department.  It will be perfect for road racing at Buttonwillow, driving on the street, or if we want to bracket race at Irwindale Dragstrip on Thursday night.