Project Fighting Fish is a Roller!

It’s been a busy time for work on Zak Hawthorne’s ’65 Barracuda Project Car and a lot of items are getting checked off of the “to do” build list.  The clock is ticking and the next project car needs to get onto the rotisserie, so all the parts we have been accumulating are coming off of the dusty shelf and we started bolting them onto the rejuvenated Mopar A-body. 

Before removing the Cuda from the rotisserie, we needed to finish the welding in the S&W Racecars roll cage, as well as attaching the Mancini Racing sub-frame connectors to tie the Uni-body all together.

While the Cuda is still in the air it is a lot easier to replace parts of the rusted rear quarter panels with Layson’s Restorations sheet metal patches.  The panels are made by Layson’s to fit a much larger section of the quarter panel; we just needed a three- to four-inch-wide piece of curved sheet metal to extend from the fender well along the bottom.  This Cuda fortunately was a California survivor and we have found very little rust.

Once the welding, beating and banging was complete we decided to undercoat the whole undercarriage of the Cuda, which is a very messy project by itself.  We utilized a kit from Herculiner; a brush-on pickup truck bed liner and it worked great, but really needs to be applied outside of the shop with lots of air circulating because of the resulting hallucinogenic vapors.