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‘Cuda Chronicles

It seems like months since we spent the day at Westech Performance on the dyno with Zak Hawthorne’s 410 Mopar small block carb testing.  We nailed almost 450 horsepower and nearly 475 foot-pounds of torque with the Holley 750-equipped engine we built at CARCO Machine last March (guess it has been months).

In the meantime the bodywork has been slowed a bit on the Project Fighting Fish Cuda, Jimmy, who’s our “Ace” body man, has gone through some tough times with his family so we are creeping closer to the media blaster while the ’65 sits comfortably on the rotisserie. 

As of July 1, Zak is officially into his new shop. If you’ve had to move a working shop as we did over the past month, you have my condolences…nothing ever goes as planned!  But now with ample workspace and not having to move one project out of the way to make a space big enough to weld or assemble parts, what a luxury.  Ahhh, breathing room!  While the rotisserie makes bodywork and scraping a lot easier, getting the Cuda 15 miles over to the new shop, while still a work in progress, brought about the only solution, a flatbed car hauler!

All the projects made it over without a hitch. The last load, of course, but the next stop is back on the flatbed for a trip to the media blaster after we weld in some lower rear patch panels delivered from Layson’s Restorations (the only ones we could find for the early ‘Cuda, by the way).

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