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Sweet! This is a front view of the Wedge just before it went to the dyno room at Ohio Crankshaft. Nothing out of the ordinary: Fluidampr, MSD crank-trigger, my seven year-old Indy 440-1 heads, Indy intake and Milodon oil pump. They still have to install the Ron's belt-drive fuel pump and distributor once the engine is primed.

Project Mopar-572 is Ready to go!

The Project 572 Mopar was just delivered to my shop last week. Fresh off the dyno at Ohio Crankshaft with an average horsepower rating of 865 and 756 ft. lbs. of torque. These are excellent numbers for an engine built to be very durable and go a couple seasons without having to be freshened.

Stan Ray, Ohio Crankshaft founder, and his crew chose a standard Ohio Crankshaft rotating assembly. No trick rings or trick pistons, just off-the-shelf parts like all his customers can order. The only choice we made was to go with aluminum rods rather than H-beam steel on Stan's advice.

If you have followed along with the Project 572 Mopar story you know we used one of the first World Products aluminum Wedge blocks. Several great companies have helped us get this Project 572 completed. I want to mention them as a great source of parts for Mopar racers and also let you know how their parts fit and performed.

The Project 572 "back at home" in the Project 4-Link chassis. The Meziere water pump solved the air lock problems we had with our front-mounted radiator. There is a whole lot of plumbing going on with these race engines today. Two #12 hoses for vacuum pump, two #12 hoses for cooling system, two #6 hoses for fuel injection and one more high-speed lean-out valve and hose to be added.

Ohio Crankshaft: Complete rotating assembly; 4340 steel 4.500 stroke OC crankshaft, OC 7.10" aluminum rods, JE SRP Pistons and pins with Total Seal ring package. This is the same stuff you get when you call or order online. What can I say? They were great to work with and tolerated all my questions and the delays I caused by not being able to get parts to them as fast as they needed. When I got everything delivered to them they were on the dyno in two weeks and the engine was in the crate on the way to me a couple days later. Thanks guys! Now we will put that Wedge to work on the track.

World Products: The aluminum Wedge block was very easy for Ohio Crankshaft to prepare. The only "fine-tuning" they did was to lightly hone the bushed lifter bores as they thought they were a bit too tight. They checked everything else but it did not need any more work other than finish honing to size.

Milodon: They provided one of their proven dual-line swinging pickup oil systems and oil pan. The oil pan (part #31150) is for dragsters or tube chassis cars, the dual-line oil system (part #21175) is a proven performer for over 20 years, and don't forget to use one of the bronze-gear intermediate shafts (part #21523). I have no worries about the oil system for the 572.

Schaeffer Oil: A lot of you are probably asking yourself "What is Schaeffer Oil?" I thought the same thing until I did some research. This 20/50 race oil is semi-synthetic and contains an excellent additive package of moly and zinc, two very important anti-wear ingredients. I found my local dealer on their website (www.schaefferoil.com) and I buy the oil in 5-gallon pails for about $3.25 per quart. We have used it for two seasons and lab analysis proves it is a great oil, especially in methanol engines.