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Words and photos by Jeff Burk -

f you are a Mopar drag racing fan then you have heard of an engine building shop by the name Oddy’s Automotive in Elma, NY, a suburb of Buffalo. That shop is known for fast, supercharged Hemi-headed engines and, in fact, when namesake Jim Oddy was still racing his 526-inch, alky burning, supercharged Hemi-powered Stratus to an NHRA Pro Mod World Championship, it was consistently the fastest Pro Mod of its time, recording speeds of over 236 mph.

These days Oddy has retired from the engine building business, leaving the shop in the capable hands of his long-time shop foreman and crew chief of his race cars, Bill Leverentz, who just happens to be a genuine Mopar freak. His hobby is truck pulling, using his own supercharged 440 wedge engine for power.

So when one of his customers with a nice ’69 Roadrunner wanted a power plant with some zip for cruising the streets of nearby Buffalo and perhaps the occasional trip to nearby Lancaster Dragway, he asked Billy to build him a 526 street and strip motor that would burn pump gas.

Billy took some of the knowledge he had developed building all-out Pro Mod 526-inch Hemis and used it to build a pump gas-burning, iron block, aluminum-headed, 526 cubic inch street motor that makes 96 1hp and 711 foot lbs. of torque at 7100 rpm.

Leverentz started with a stock iron hemi-block and bored the cylinders out to 4.310. He then bolted together a rotating assembly using an Ohio Crankshaft 4340 forged crank with a 4.500 stroke, a set of 7.100 Oliver steel rods and a set of Venolia forged pistons and steel wrist pins.

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