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Dyno Preview

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It’s time for a progress report on Mopar Max Project Fighting Fish, Zak Hawthorne’s ’65 Plymouth Barracuda.  Last month we showed you the direction that Zak and his crew had decided to take the restoration of this vintage Mopar, quite a bit father than anyone anticipated when the 360 cubic inch engine and trans were removed for freshening. 

What was just going to be a 360 Mopar engine rebuild really mushroomed while the bare small block was sitting at Carco Engine and Machine.  First an Isky cam, lifters and springs were added and Edelbrock aluminum heads were match-ported to a Weiand manifold. Then we added JE Pistons, an Eagle rotating assembly, Milodon Oil Pan and pick-up, and Mancini sheet metal valve covers. We set the compression to 10.36 to 1. 

Now we’re ready to see what we’ve put together.

Soon we’ll head down to Westech Performance in Mira Loma, California, with the newly built 410 cubic inch for some dynamometer time and testing a few different 750 CFM carburetors.  We’ll dyno test a Holley 750 Street HP carb against a Quick Fuel Technology 750 carb.  If we have the time we’ll also test a Quick Fuel Technology oval track 850 and a comparable off the shelf Holley carb.

The dyno will also give us a chance to test a new Pertronix Flame-Thrower Plug N Play Distributor, a 65,000 volt coil and rev-limiter, and we’ll cool the new Mopar hot rod engine with a Meziere electric water pump we picked-up from Jeg’s High Performance.  We’ve also added an MSD high torque starter.

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