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Project 572 Mopar

It is close to making noise!

I made the road trip to Ohio Crankshaft last weekend to see how they were doing on our new engine for the Project 4-Link dragster, Project 572 Mopar. As it turned out, I got there just as they were doing the final block inspection and "probing" the block to make sure all the dimensions were race-ready. The deck height was within .0015" so it was good. The block came bored to 4.490" and the remaining metal will be honed out to provide proper piston to cylinder wall clearance. I have to admit, the aluminum World block is a nice looking piece. Lifter bores are bushed, the external oil line port is a nice touch and just "visually" it looks very well finished. In a couple weeks we will see how looking good performs on the dyno, that will be fun!

The parts have pretty much arrived so the final assembly and fitting can begin in about a week. Here is a list of components we have chosen that we feel will offer both durability and strong horsepower and torque numbers.

*We will use an Ohio Crankshaft 4.500" forged crankshaft, Ohio Crankshaft 7.100 forged aluminum rods and JE pistons. These are the exact same components you can get in one of the Ohio Crankshaft 540-572" rotating assembly kits they offer Mopar racers for $2295.00.

*We are using the 4.500" World Products aluminum Wedge block. Billet main caps and studs come standard with the block. This will be the foundation for what we hope will be close to 1,000 HP on our Terminator Fuel Injection.

**Ohio Crankshaft has a good inventory of the Mopar Performance/World cast iron blocks and offer an assembled shortblock package that is priced at $5895.00. Bolt on your heads and components off your old engine and GO RACING!

*Milodon was our choice for the oil pan (part #31150) and the matching dual line oil system with swivel pickup and Milodon's own race oil pump (part #21175) Close up photos of these parts will be shown when assembly starts.

*Fluidamper harmonic balancer wil be used to absorb the harmonics that come with 4.500" strokes and 7000 RPMs.

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