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We Get Down to Bare Metal

Catch up on what you missed with Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

I have yet to find a project car that finishes exactly as the original plans were laid out.  Nothing is in stone, but there are so many factors that come into play today such as seeing new parts at trade shows like the Fall SEMA Show in Vegas, the PRI Show in Orlando, manufacturer’s new product releases as well as friends and neighbors getting into the act at one time or another during any restoration/hot rodding project.  Here’s an update on our Cuda project car.

Project Fighting Fish at Mopar Max has grown in scope since the original idea to rebuild and freshen the original 360 cubic inch MOPAR already under the hood of Zak Hawthorne’s ’65 Plymouth Barracuda A-body.

The engine was out being built up to a larger 410 cubic inches at CARCO Engine & Machine in Anaheim. (Check here)and the dyno work starts in mid-February at the Westech Performance Group in Mira Loma, CA.  It was time to clean up and degrease between and around the wheel wells to remove the accumulated grease and road grime from over 45 years.  While cleaning and scraping it lifted off a couple of coats of previous owner’s rattle-can paint jobs.

Patching and welding a firewall is a time consuming step made a lot easier when there’s no engine there, but the extra effort will provide a clean framework to show off the new engine and plug any hole that a possible racetrack fire could make it into the driver’s compartment while racing.

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