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Chenoweth’s “Block-in-a-Bag” is WOW!

MoparMax, with help from many partners who want to see a 540” Mopar go between the frame rails of our latest project car, is going to see if we can hold our own against the Bow-Tie Brigade in S/Pro and S/Comp events. We have struggled getting off to a fast start but just because you are a tech editor for one of the largest Mopar-only magazines doesn’t mean the machine shops and suppliers will drop everything to get us our parts. We have to wait just like everyone else who wants quality work and parts.

There it is....Chenoweth Block-in-a-Bag. This is how it looked when we picked it up. We got a complete Spec Sheet with the block with clearances, torque specs and operations they completed. Very professionally done.

That said I want to thank Mike and Dale Chenoweth at Chenoweth Speed and Machine for offering one of the coolest packages I have seen. They call it their Block-in-a-Bag. If there is one thing that makes this a super deal for both big-block or small-block Mopar racers it is their attention to detail and the numerous operations that are included in the BAG price. In no particular order here is what you get for your $1650. You must supply a useable core block or buy one from them.

  • Bake and blast clean the block.
  • Magnaflux block to check for cracks.
  • Sonic check (8) bores to assure block integrity for boring.
  • CNC machine block for stroker crank and rod clearance.
  • Bore cylinder .030-.060 with boring/honing plates.
  • Align bore with stock caps (aftermarket caps additional cost).
  • Square bellhousing surface, assures crankshaft and input shaft of transmission are parallel.
  • Machine decks up to .020”.
  • Square decks to be parallel with crankshaft centerline.
  • De-burr and race prep block.
  • Machine and bronze sleeve 16 lifter bores. (This alone was going to cost me $599 plus hauling my block 300 miles to a shop that could do it!) It is included in the “Block-in-a-Bag” package and is done on their CNC equipment that they use for their other work.
  • Pressure wash and clean.
  • Re-tap all bolt holes in block.
  • ARP main stud kit.
  • Install cam bearings.
  • Install new head and trans dowels.
  • Install new core plugs.
  • Bag for shipment. They can send these to you via Truck Freight or you can pick them up at their shop, like I did.
  • All of the above operations and parts are included for the $1650. In the area I live this much work would cost $2500 and would probably mean hauling the block to a couple different shops to get it all done.

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