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The 540/E85 is beginning to take shape

Over the last several weeks the Project 540/E85 Engine has gained some momentum. If you are considering a stroker engine for your Mopar I hope you will follow this tech series. I will let you know about the ups and the downs in getting a big-inch Mopar from the scratch pad to the dyno.

This is the Ohio Crankshaft 540" stroker kit. 4340 crankshaft with knife-edges counter weights, Chev rod journals, 7.1 H-beam rods, SRP pistons with tool steel pins Total Seal Rings and Federal Mogul bearings. A great way to start our 540/E85 Project. 

We have a great start on rounding up support for the engine build. We started out with an Ohio Crankshaft 540” rotating assembly. Cost is $1995 for a 4340 crankshaft, OCC steel rods, SRP pistons and Total Seal Rings and race bearings.

This is the Ron's Fuel Injection system our 540/E85 will use. Changing from E85 to methanol and even race gas should be very easy with this setup. It will flow 2200 cfm so that should wake up the 540" Wedge.

We have decided to use Ron’s Fuel Injection system in the E85 project as we can make jetting changes easily and efficiently. James Monroe will handle the setup from E85 to methanol and he says “it will be a piece of cake.” The injection system will be their Terminator model and the entire kit with Terminator throttle body, belt-drive fuel pump, nozzles, lines, hoses, etc price is $1895. Sounds like a lot but have you priced a race carburetor, fuel pump, regulator and hoses lately?

Comp Cams will be our choice for camshaft, lifters and related components as they have proven bulletproof over the last six years in my other project engines, cost for the package is about $700. The ignition will be MSD Digital 7 and their proven billet distributor and crank trigger ignition, cost is about $950. We are going to debut a new belt-drive oil-pump from Titan Mfg for our oil system as well as a Billet Fabrications oil pan and valve covers. When those get here I will update the costs in the next tech article.

We are not sure about the "starting qualities" of E85 in a race environment yet so we are going to install a KillerRons "Primer System." This little deal will let the driver push a switch and spray unleaded gas into the intake manifold to make starting and warm-up a lot easier. I know we will use if for methanol and maybe with E85 as well.



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