Words by Alex Rogeo photos by Richard Kratz

Vincent Nobile started his pro drag racing career in 2011, but drag racing had been part of his life long before he started driving for the Mitsos family’s Mountain View NHRA Pro Stock team. Vincent’s father, John, was a pro stock racer, and had been showing his son what it took to be a successful racer since Vincent was young. So when the time came to drive a pro stock car, he leaped at the chance, and has had remarkable success ever since.

He won his first race in Houston in his first pro season. After that he went on to win two more races in his first year and was even considered for the NHRA Road to the Future award in 2011. He has a total of 8 career wins in 13 final rounds. And like some of his predecessors in the pro stock world, he quickly gained a reputation for quick, repeatable reaction times.

Team MoparMax and our Maulin’ Magnum has partnered with Mountain View Performance, the company’s official race and performance shop in Rancho Cucamonga, California, and through the company’s owners, the Mitsos family, were introduced to Vincent Nobile, driver of the team’s NAPA/Mountain View Tire Dodge Avenger NHRA Pro Stock car.

We met up with Vincent at the NHRA Toyota Nationals in Las Vegas this past October, where we got a chance to talk to him about a number of topics.

At this point in the season although the team had made the countdown to the championship they were now out of contention for the championship, still it was clear that they very much wanted to win the race. Vincent very kindly invited us to the quite area of the pit’s motor home, and even assisted us with getting the lighting right for the on-camera video interview.

Vincent is tall and slender and seems very at home in the pits. We watched him interact with fans and it’s apparent that he really enjoys meeting them and signing autographs. There is none of the cautiously spoken corporate driver to him, no sense that his words are rehearsed.