At the end of January 2012, the west coast staff of MoparMax attended the SEMA MPMC media-manufacturers
conference. Aftermarket manufacturers and magazine
editorial staff talk about new products in a three
day speed meeting format—kinda of like speed
dating for magazines and manufacturers. As
media, we had a schedule of companies to talk to
each day with 30 minutes allocated. Every thirty
minutes, a bell would ring indicating that it was
time to move on—Like we said, it’s speed dating
SEMA style.

The bad thing about this format is that when we
see something we really like, we don’t get as much
time to focus on it as we’d like. One of the products
we really liked this year was the Street Demon
carburetor. We dig its very clean styling, reminiscent
of an old ThermoQuad but much more contemporary.
And the feature list and attention to detail in its design
was really up our alley. We vowed to get this thing on
a worthy project car as soon as we could and see if its
function is equal to its good looks. We’re still working on
that and should have something in the next few issues.

The good folks at Demon tell us that in mid-February
2012, during pre-production dynamometer experiments,
the Street Demon fueled 376ci LS-3 engine to in-excess of
450 horsepower. Of course during the normal course of carburetor selection few would consider installing a 625cfm street carburetor on a 500hp engine. Clearly an engine of this capacity ideally requires a bigger carburetor, probably one of 750CFM. Still, evaluation tests or not, the Street Demon carburetor’s performance is promising.

We had the opportunity to pick the brain of Larry Tipton, the Street Demon’s designer. Larry has spent most of his life in carburetor design and development. He began with
Carter in October 1966 in St Louis as a designer
of carburetor components and later was
appointed to the advanced design
group for new carburetion. Today he is
the inspiration behind the new 625
Street Demon, of which production
will start late April 2012.

Left: Street Demon designer
Larry Tipton