Jeg Coughlin Jr. returns to Pro Stock racing with a Dodge Avenger

Mopar Max Editor Richard Kratz got a chance to speak with Jeg Coughlin Jr. at SEMA shortly after his announcement that he’s returning to Pro Stock in a Mopar-sponsored Dodge Avenger. Jeg left NHRA Pro Stock racing after last year, but has continued racing in sportsman and bracket classes.

(James Drew photo)

: Having eased up this year, do you think that it’s going to help or hurt during the upcoming season?

Jeg Coughlin: I’ve definitely eased up in the terms of Pro Stock, I haven’t driven a Pro Stock car since November of 2010, but I’ve made probably five or six hundred runs in my other cars, my Drag Pak Challenger and I run a dragster quite frequently and I’ve got a wagon I bracket race as well. So mentally I’ve been racing all year. I’ve made something like three times more runs than a pro stock would make in a year, so I feel as sharp as ever quite frankly. When it comes to physically getting in the car and driving it, I imagine there’ll be a few question marks in my mind when I let the clutch out the first time which will likely be in Palm Beach later this winter. But typically, if history repeats itself, that’ll erase itself maybe thirty or forty feet out and as I hit second gear and third gear and 200 mph in less than six seconds. So it’s the old Fast Times at Ridgemont High statement, “Daddy’s home boys!”

: So it’ll all come back to you even if three Challenger Drag Pak runs don’t quite equal a Pro Stock run?

JC: Actually you know, I’m asked this question often, does it feel so much slower running low tens or high nines or whatever I’m driving and you know what, it really doesn’t. You’re still mentally involved in what it takes to make an efficient run no matter what the class is, so I don’t really see the transitional difference between the 200 mph car and running 140 in another car. I know that sounds kind of odd, but that’s the way it is for me.

: OK, so and Mopar, does this mean we’re going to be seeing Mopar more prominently in the catalog?

JC:Yeah, absolutely. You know, we’ve been a big dealer for Mopar and Direct Connection for years and we’re definitely looking to expand the line, without question. Like with the announcements today with all of the new products we have on display here at SEMA we’re going to have those in stock and available for Mopar enthusiasts.