The drag racer, on left, Frank Hawley. The boxer, on the right, Mikey Garcia

Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School has returned to Fontana, California. The re-opening of the quarter mile Auto Club Raceway at the Fontana Speedway facility was cause for much rejoicing in Southern California. Fontana is the only quarter mile track serving Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange and all of the other counties in Southern California and the nearly two years it was closed saw a drop in drag racing in an area of about 20 million residents and simultaneously a rise in deaths and injuries from street “racing” accidents.

We have had prior experience with Frank Hawley’s school, Senior Editor, Alex Rogeo has been through his lecture and school twice and drove the cars and got her NHRA super comp license the second time. You can read our thoughts about the school in the December 2013, and July 2013 issues of MoparMax. Suffice for now to say we were very impressed and for Alex it can be considered to have been a life changing couple of days.

If you’re a fan of boxing, then you know that Mikey García is the current reigning WBO Super Featherweight boxing world champion. And you also know that he’s the former WBO Featherweight world champion. Not only that, but he’s undefeated with 34 wins and no losses in his career. Mikey is a world class athlete and has the mental and physical skills to be the best in the world at what he does.

So what does this have to do with us? Well, Mikey is also a huge fan of the Mopar brand—he owns a beautiful, Magnuson supercharged Dodge Challenger and recently acquired a 2014 SRT Viper. But even more, he’s a big fan of drag racing and we won’t be surprised to see him racing professionally one day. So when we heard that he was attending the Frank Hawley Drag Racing School at Fontana, we saw a unique opportunity to get a world champion boxer’s take on the school and drag racing. We actually spent some time with Mikey at the Frank Hawley Dragster Adventure the week before he attended the super comp school and also talked to him after the school.

: What did you think of Frank and the school in general?

Garcia: I think Frank Hawley is a very smart and knowledgeable man. He really knows what he’s telling you, he just wants to be sure you learn and he makes it easy to do the visualization and practice the procedures for the dragster before you ever get in it. Your first time in the car it’s a little different, you’re a little nervous, a little scared, not sure how you’re going to react. But if you listen to Frank you’ll do alright.