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This shot is of the ’65 Mr. Norm Coronet at we think Great Lakes Drag-a-way and a head shot of a younger Mr. Norm.

Back in those halcyon days of drag racing when I would lay in my bed at night tune in to WLS Chicago or KMOA in Oklahoma City and hear those great “Be there!” ads for Great Lakes Drag-a-way or U.S. 30 the name Mr. Norm more often than not was part of the ad. Those ads fired up a generation of gear heads to go to the drags in hopes of seeing Gary Dwyer, Arnie Beswick, or other heroes. It was a time in history when anyone with the cash could go to Grand-Spaulding Dodge on Grand Avenue in Chicago and buy a Hemi-equipped Dodge off of Mr. Norm’s showroom floor brand new and ready to race for less than $3500! We never knew at the time how lucky we were.

One guy responsible for all of that teenage testosterone flow was one Norm Krause aka Mr. Norm who  was then and is now a seminal figure in drag racing and all things Mopar. So, when Mopar Max had the chance to sit down with the man, we jumped at the chance and it turned out to be a hell of an interview.