Words by Richard Kratz
Photos by Tim Marshall and Smilin’ Ed of Mopars of Las Vegas

For many Mopar fans, Doug Schneider’s life is perfect. He runs Mo-Parts of Las Vegas which sells new and used parts and undertakes restoration and high performance projects. In other words, Mopars aren’t Doug’s hobby, they’re his lifestyle.

About 15 years ago, Doug heard about a yellow 1970 ‘Cuda and was trying to track it down. A friend of his found it and bought it with the intention of restoring it and giving it to his wife. But then his wife (for reasons that absolutely escape us) decided she wanted a Corvette instead. So the guy sold it to Doug for $1,800 with a promise from Doug that he would restore and keep the car. Doug has been true to his word.

The car was a solid foundation for a restoration project. The top was shredded, the seats were shot and the transmission was in the back seat. But the 318 engine and transmission were numbers matching to the car and having spent its life in the dry Nevada climate outside of two small spots about the diameter of a softball on the lower rear quarters the car was rust free. All of the original trim, the bumpers, the grill and other details were intact and just needed restoring.
The ‘Cuda came from the factory with a 318, but when Doug restored it he upgraded to a 340. In 2012 Doug went all in with a 426 HEMI. But fear not, Doug kept the original numbers matching engine and transmission and the car can be returned to all original at any time.
During the restoration a vintage matchbook from Caesar’s Palace was found in the interior. Doug’s theory, given the car’s color, base 318, low cost 4-speed and matchbook cover is that in 1970 a cocktail waitress bought one heck of a nice drop top Las Vegas cruiser. Here, local model Paige Trificana recreates a tableau from 1970.