Built for a Purpse - Larry Dewees’ ‘66 Coronet

Larry Dewees loves Mopars so much he’s known as Mopar Larry. And he’s loved drag racing since his first pass down storied Lions Drag Strip in 1968. The 1966 Dodge Coronet you see here was built for a specific purpose — to enjoy on local drives and to run 11.50 or quicker at the track. More on this in a moment.

Larry purchased this car at Mopars at the Strip about three years ago. He’d been looking for a good car that could go the ¼ mile in 11.50 or less when he saw this car with a for sale sign in the pits. When Larry saw, or rather heard, the car motor past him towards the lanes, he thought, “Wow, that car sounds fast!”

One thing led to another and after assurances from the owner that the car had a rocket of a fully built race motor in it and could easily do 11.50, Larry bought the car. Unfortunately for Larry, the owner was considerably less than honest. The car was a dog at the track. When Larry pulled the motor he discovered that it was nothing other than a stone stock motor with a radical cam — thus that wicked sound he’d heard through its open headers at the Strip.