When I think of a Hemi Cuda, my mind goes immediately to the 1968 SS/AH Hemi Cudas running in NHRA competition. But Paul Ogden from Redding, Calif., had a different vision of what his Hemi Cuda would be. His ’68 Hemi Cuda was built for Land Speed Racing at the Bonneville Salt Flats. The class is AA/BGC. AA (over 500 cubic inches) Blown Gas Coupe. Kinda like an AA/Gasser, only faster.

A lot faster. Try 241 mph! Yeah, I'll take that.

The car was designed and built by Denton Hollifield, and the KB 528” aluminum Hemi was built by John Beck at Pro Machine Racing Engines. The turbos and fuel system were done by Tom Nelson Racing Engines in Chatsworth, Calif.

Twin 88mm Garrett Turbos sit in front and blow into the Hogan manifold with two injectors per cylinder. A B&J three-speed is air shifted and power is transmitted through a Winters rear end.