When the hood is raised at first glance everything looks stock. The engine has factory A/C, Power Steering and it is painted the correct MoPar Orange, but it has an unpainted aluminum intake manifold and Mopar Performance Rocker Covers. These do not signify anything special as they fit everything from the 1964 V-8 / 273” to the latest small block from Mopar, the Magnum 360”. Just how big it could be is pure conjecture and considering it has such a sock appearance few think it is anything special.

The inside of the hood lets you know that the stock fake air-scoops are now functional so the engine gets plenty of cool fresh air going into the non-stock Moroso air cleaner with a K&N insert air filter.  These scoops carry the stock “340” chrome emblem, just as you would expect from this mild mannered Dodge Dart. Once you see the passenger side of the engine you notice that there is a two-pipe custom AN- fuel line going to the carburetor. The long pipe has a braided stainless flexible insert to make attaching it to the rear bowl of the carb an easy job.

Words and Photos by Matt Strong

Bill McKenzie is a humble guy that has been quite successful working in the service and maintenance area of the car world all his life. You would
expect his own car would be mild mannered and basically stock. That is exactly what this restored looking 1970 Dodge Dart looks like. That is until you start looking closer and see the big differences that are so well hidden.

From the side you see the stock striping from a Duster, but it looks like it came on this Dart from the factory. The Mopar “Rally Wheels”, with stainless beauty rings are what you would expect to see, but they hide a plethora of details that make this car perform. Things like tubular upper A-arms, custom shocks and antisway bar in in front. In the back if you don’t read the sidewall of the tires you won’t know it has big wheel tubs and Hoosier Street Slicks.

This beautiful 1970 Dodge Dart looks like a “restoration” that has been done quite well. But those stripes are really from a Duster even though they look so stock. They balance the period correct Vinyl roof, pulling the eye from front to back in one smooth turn. It is sad that most hot rodders have so little knowledge of Mopar vehicles and how they can be made fast with little effort.