Don Kerns' '58 Dodge truck

While walking through the ‘show’ area of Mopars at the Strip, held at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, recently, we spotted a ‘red’ ‘58 Dodge Truck which was a change from the Challengers and Barracudas on display.  In our group that day were Len Rickards, Ron Ogilvie and my son Brad. My name is Jim Baker, Drag Racing On-line columnist. Len casually remarked that he had done an article about the truck for a local club paper, ‘Rod News’ before it stopped publishing. As we examined the truck, my comment was WOW!  It was more than perfectly restored, and housed a 5.7 liter late model Hemi for power.

From Len’s original article: “Discovering a 1958 Dodge pickup on the streets of anywhere USA is about as likely as finding a striped Panda sporting a Mohawk and a Britney Spears tattoo, but Las Vegas has one of Mother MoPar’s finest examples within its city limits. When Chrysler was screaming uncle as the 21st century settled into recession, perhaps a phone call to Don Kerns could have dulled the fangs of the bankruptcy beast. Fortunately, the Cash for Clunkers program was non-existent at the time Don was looking beneath unturned stones as he discovered the D-100 sulking on the grounds of Vegas Valley Auto Wrecking.

As delivered from the factory, Dodge trucks seemed to be more workhorse inspired. Prissy show ponies were a (distant) second. The regular variety is often overlooked by collectors and hot rodders for versions manufactured by competitors. It took a pair of Kern’s magic glasses to visualize the supermodel hidden within the plain vanilla wrapper.