Jeg Coughlin Jr. is arguably one the best doorslammer racers in drag racing today. He has multiple NHRA world championships to his credit – unfortunately, driving a (shudder) Chevy. But he is also a killer Super Stock/Stock Eliminator racer in the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series and when he competes in that arena he can be found driving Mopars.

He was the first winner of the Mopar Hemi Shootout that is restricted to Hemi-powered SS/AA (now named SS/AH) cars. He won that prestigious Mopar-only event in 2004 when it was contested at the prestigious U.S. Nationals driving a Hemi-powered Plymouth Barracuda for West Coast Hemis legend Michael Ogburn.


So, when Mopar announced the Challenger A/SA program last year it was natural for Couglin to have one of Mopars Drag Pack Challengers for himself.

The car you see here comes from the factory basically race ready.

The first thing the gearhead engineers at Mopar’s Brampton, Ontario, Canada, plant did was realize that at 4,000-plus pounds, the stock Challenger would need to shed some poundage if it was going to be the nine-second Stock Eliminator car they wanted.  By stripping out just about everything related to driver/passenger comfort they could get the weight down.
Jeggie heats up the
nine-inch slick prior to a nine-second pass.