Dave Crawford's 1970 Hemi 'cuda is a former drag monster returned to its legacy

The appearance of the Shaker on that big Hemi (or any other Mopar engine) was one of the most impressive things to come out of the musclecar era’s styling departments.

Hemi E-bodies are something that have garnered a sort of mentality among Mopar enthusiasts. Some have gone so far as deride the short-lived model design as ‘Chrysler’s Camaro,’ while others would have nothing but ‘cudas and Challengers sitting in their garages. The truth is, these cars have indeed become iconic to the breed, coupled with financial notoriety at auction and privately, Nash Bridges’ droptop ‘71 Plymouth on prime time, and new Challengers in the dealer lot in 2010.

But E-body models are not easy to come by nor cheap to restore these days. That same level of exposure has made the pieces that make up the sum total quite expensive, Hemi or not. For instance, things like NOS grilles have been priced ‘legendarily,’ and good Shaker pieces warm the heart and fatten the wallet of anyone lucky enough to have them available for purchase. It’s not a game for the faint of heart.