Every once in a while in this business you see something that just takes your breath away. That was the case when I first saw the photos of the ’59 Chrysler Saratoga Murray Anderson built for the Sigra folks that eventually was driven by Aussie Geoff Gradden.

Ever since my brother owned a ’59 Plymouth and my grandfather had a ‘59 Caddy I have been a fan of cars with big tail fins. The fins on the ’59 Saratoga pictured here are enough to put any fin freak into a frenzy and put a smile on the face of all Mopar fans.

As far as I can tell, and according to what my mate Jon Van Daal says, Mopar racecars are a rarity in Australian racing. But that isn’t the case for Geoff Gradden and the Sigra team. Through last year Gradden has been racing a supercharged Dodge Viper in the Australian Supercharged Outlaw class and the team are the defending 2009 Sydney track champs in the class.

For the 2010 season the team is going to step up to the Australian version of the U.S. Pro Modified class which is the Top Doorslammer class also known as “Tin Tops.”

The team has switched from a Roots supercharged wedge powerplant in their Viper to a PSI supercharged Keith Black/BAE Hemi for the  winged wedge-shaped Saratoga. That engine combination should put the Saratoga solidly in the five-second zone.

Gradden has promised that as soon as they get the Saratoga on the track he will send us some action shots. We hope it is from the winners circle…if they can find one big enough to park the savage Saratoga.
The blower is way higher than the roof line. Cool!  
Gradden boils the hides at Sydney in the Viper.