Glen McKenzie owns two of what we used to call “Service Stations,” but they’re just Gas Stations out front. Yet, both have excellent repair shops and full diagnostic tools. Their repair customers are mostly the repeat type along with new customers that were recommended by friends to come to the shop(s). Glen is a good businessman with his stations and his 24/7/365 full service vehicle recovery business also. Each station has a new or almost new complete $145,000 flatbed tow truck. Everything is first class.

Glen also owns a bunch of Mopars, even if all but two have AMC on the sides. Yet, this innocent looking 1965 Satellite is a special Mopar because it has a unique list of options and also deletes of which about one half was specified for performance reasons. To begin the engine is the 383ci big block. Not the optional 426ci Hemi or even the 440ci monster. Yet, this car runs well and can surprise most of the unwary and Mopar illiterate car owners on the road. Frankly, more cubic inches are always welcome but the 383ci engine was really great and on the street it did well.

Let’s go over these options one at a time. 1) Engine – 383ci – If you think about the competition this engine faced it was 396ci Chevrolets, 390ci Fords and the other competitors simply didn’t matter.  Once a purple stripe camshaft was added to the Mopar 383 it became a fast street car. All 383’s came with a 10:1 compression ratio, forged steel crankshaft and rods were also standard on all the Mopar big blocks -great building blocks for hot rodding.

This engine is 100% stock except for a slightly warmed over Mopar purple camshaft and it really runs well. 2) Carter AFB Carburetor – The AFB stands for “Aluminum Four Barrel. These were similar to what most OEM carbs used. This one flows a little more than the claimed 600 CFM. 3) Differential – The axle housing in Glen’s car is the Mopar small performance differential & housing with an 8.75” ring gear, plus positive traction differential with 3.23: 1 ratio. This was a highway ratio, but around town or on the highway it was highly competitive.

The housing and center section (removable like the Ford 9”) weigh at least 25 lbs. less compared to any of the competition’s performance differentials (Ford 9” and GM 12 bolt with an 8.8” ring gear.)