Great care was taken to retain the original lines and look of the era, mission accomplished.

Old School 340

What began as a father-daughter project to build a street rod for daughter, quickly evolved into a classic example of American muscle with a healthy dose of old school know how, and racing technology built in. In fact, this pretty little Demon is so old school, that when it shows up at the track, fellow competitors are left shaking their heads trying to figure out how this basically factory stock car is out running them, most say the way this car performs is just crazy, others say it’s Plum Crazy.

Gordon (Chip) Winans is a true Florida native. He was born in the panhandle and was brought up in the Tampa Bay region of the State; he still resides and works on the Gulf Coast in Port Richey, Florida. His racing history goes back to his youth helping his Dad and Uncle with their dirt track programs. Winans followed in the families footsteps stepping into his uncle’s dirt car in his early 20’s. “I raced the dirt car for several years,” Winans recalls. Over the years Winans real passion for the sport leaned more towards racing in a straight line, “I always enjoyed racing the street/strip class cars more that bouncing around in the dirt,” Winans laughed.

As was common during the late '60s and early '70s, there was an abundant number of high performance vehicles a young gear head could choose from, and Winans choice was anything Mopar. Over the years Winans has owned a variety of  Chrysler products, a 1970 Hurst edition Dart Swinger, two 1969 Road Runners, both with 383 Magnum’s under the hood, a 1968 R/T Coronet with a 440 Magnum, several Dodge pickup trucks, (every day drivers) and a 1941 Plymouth coupe street rod have all graced the friendly confines of Winans garage.

Having grown up around the families race cars and street rods, and wanting to follow in dear old Dads footsteps, Winans' daughter, Kaley, started working on Daddy when she was somewhere near 15 years old. Knowing she would soon have a driver’s license, she explained to her father that he should buy and build her a street rod that she could drive to and from school and of course, maybe an occasional trip to the mall. She also rationalized that this would make a great Daddy-Daughter project they could do together.  Being the wise old patriarch of the family, Winans played the “You won’t need your own car until you have your license” card. Kaley quickly countered with the “Wrap Daddy around your little finger” card, and shortly thereafter, Winans was on his way to Ocala, Florida to pick up a 1971 Duster 340 he found on E-Bay.

Once back in the Winans garage, Father and Daughter set out to turn this little more than a rolling chassis into the rumbling, high horsepower street rod that would surely be the envy of everyone on the West Coast of Florida, just as Kaley had envisioned in her mind. The young lady could see herself cruising down to the mall with her three BFFs along for the ride, windows down, radio blasting to overcome the throaty sound of the tuned exhaust, sunglasses on to tone down the glare of the sun off the deep purple paint, this ride would unquestionably make Kaley and her posse the most popular young ladies in Port Richey and surrounding areas. Kaley just knew she would soon be on the road, after all, how long could this take, a month? Maybe two? As it turned out, things were not that easy.