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Jeff Hensley shows us how to boil the balonies with his blown 1968 Plymouth Formula S Barracuda.

A 1968 Formula S Barracuda, Blown Out of Proportion

The Formula S package gave the car special suspension and trim; the 340 and 383 were the only engine options for the S model.

Pro Street. The fad that rocked the late 1970s is still remembered by many of us – big tires, motors on steroids, custom paint, and a boulevard attitude fell in line with the times. We were rebelling against the disco era, the malaise of Detroit’s offerings, and the sour national mood under the Carter administration. And why not? The streets were alive with second-hand muscle cars, and places like Front Street in Philadelphia, St. Louis’s legendary Chuck-A-Burger, and Van Nuys Boulevard in L.A. rumbled all weekend.

Pro Street eventually faded away, seen by many as an extreme that yielded minimal results on the street (hey, nitrous changed the world in the 1980’s). They were impractical cars, and many rare Hemi and Rat examples went back to stock form. Nonetheless, with nostalgia a growing trend, we are witnessing a comeback of the Pro Street excess. Chromed huffers and intakes jutting through the hood, fat tires out back, and custom paint all add up to a blast from the past.

‘Rock-hard’ is the way we would describe Hensley’s ride, built back in the 1970s.