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Words and photos by Kevin Thomson -

his is the story of a ’64 Dart GT that went from mild mannered grandma green grocery getter to jet-black vomiter of blood. The owner, who goes simply by the name Bone, purchased the car in 2003 for $1800 and drove it for a little while pure stock. Then the color got to him. He says, “It was kind of a creepy green and it needed paint anyway so it had to be black.” Black is perfect for this little A-body because it helps the transformation from “Me-Ma” to monster, and it also fits in with the entire ‘70s rock and roll/punk rock scene that Bone is attuned to.      

After the paint job the stock slant six wasn’t in character so Bone began amassing parts for the “super-six” route; at least until it became apparent that the motor itself would need some major help to cope. At this point a V-8 was decided upon; a V-8 that could pull the little car through a turn sideways, fit the wallet, and provide the sound that Bone says, “I would properly only be able to describe as vomiting blood.”

A 360 was decided upon as the logical choice and to get the sound a Mopar “Purple Shaft” cam with a smidge over 340 four-speed dimensions went into the block. Some 9:1 flattop hypereutectic pistons went in to help with crappy gas and to try and keep the sound and torque respectable. On top a vintage Weiand 180 degree dual plane intake accepts whatever the 600cfm Edelbrock carburetor will deliver. The carb was kept on the small side to aid in mileage as well as low end because this car is a city car and a little low end in exchange for high makes sense.

The Mopar electronic distributor was curved with the compression ratio in mind and the desire to keep the low end intact. A simple and effective combo of MSD coil and MSD 6AL ignition box blows up the gasoline. The exhaust system also helps in the “unhealthy choking sound” department thanks to TTI’s full length A-body V-8 headers and 2 ½”  pipes into glasspacks that dump directly in front of the 8 ¾  rear.